Who We Are

We are HEET (Home Energy Efficiency Team), a nonprofit climate solutions incubator with a mission to cut carbon emissions now through systems change.

We believe in an energy transition that meets the needs of all, from low-income communities to gas utility workers to future generations. To accomplish this, we are developing strategies and technology that move us to a sustainable, renewable and equitable energy system. We learn from a wide network of thought partners, create authentic relationships and iterate to find solutions. 


Transitioning From Gas to Geo

Moving our buildings to renewables in an equitable way is critical to cut emissions. 

In 2017, we came up with the concept of gas utilities transitioning to networked geothermal systems. This technology uses the stable temperature of the Earth (around 55F year-round) to create heating and cooling for buildings, without fossil fuels. 

In Framingham, MA, Eversource is now installing the first gas utility-run networked geothermal system in the country. Cities, states and utilities across the country are looking into this technology as a viable business model and alternative to gas.

HEET has assembled a research team including MIT, UC Berkeley and two national labs to study and make public the results of the first utility-installed networked geothermal systems. Our research will help find the fastest way to flip gas companies from polluters to renewable thermal providers. 

Triaging Emissions

Leaks from gas pipes under our streets are a huge source of methane—one of the most potent greenhouse gasses. In 2016, Boston University research showed that just 7% of leaks from underground natural gas pipes gush out half of all the emissions. Within a year of the study being published HEET: 

  • Helped pass a first-in-the-nation state law that these super-emitters must be repaired. 
  • Convinced MA’s three largest utilities to perform research with us to discover a practical method to identify these leaks.
  • Passed regulations enacting the leak identification method. 

We verify that gas utilities are identifying and repairing super-emitting leaks to cut emissions from distribution pipes in half for the least cost and disruption through our Shared Action Plan. Since we believe in transparency, we report on the results publicly, share our methods with other states and map gas leaks in Massachusetts and beyond. 

Delivering Equitable Energy Efficiency

For a just transition beyond gas, all homes must be able to access renewable electricity. 

Given rising energy prices, we must prioritize low to moderate income households in an energy transition. Through our EJ Air Program, we are working to improve access to MassSave energy efficiency programs in Boston communities. 

HEET originated by bringing together neighbors to make local buildings more efficient. We stand by our roots and part of our resources each year are dedicated to weatherizing buildings in our community, to reduce bills and emissions. 

Support Us

To maintain our integrity and independence, HEET never accepts funding from the gas or geothermal industry. We are a nimble team that relies on individual donations to carry out our high-impact work. Your donation truly makes a difference. 

Donate to catalyze our carbon cutting work. We’re so grateful for your support! 

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Questions? Ideas? We’d love to hear from you! Send us a message at info@heet.org. 

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