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Mission: To cut carbon emissions NOW by driving systems change.

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To invest or to innovate: Philadelphia Gas Works’ $8 billion question 

[Press Release | March 2023] An independent analysis by the nonprofit HEET finds that Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW), the city’s municipal gas utility, is projected to spend up to $8 billion over the next 35 years on new gas mains…

Cooking with Gas: Facts and Resources  

Do you cook at home? Do you have a gas stove? There has been a lot of media attention lately on the connection between hazardous gas leaks and childhood asthma. Since we know that many of you turn to us…

Back to Basics: Home Energy Saving Tips

With energy prices rising this winter, we took a look back through The Honest Book—a how-to manual of home energy savings tips that HEET wrote in 2012—for some inspiration. We pulled out two easy tips that can help you cut…

2022: Our Year in Numbers

It's been a wonderful year, filled with fascinating data, a growing team and an ever-expanding network of energy transition enthusiasts. Here's our best attempt to summarize it all. 13 HEET team members squished into 1 tiny office! (Help!) 22,802 gas leaks mapped in MA including CO2…

Eversource Gas breaks ground on first networked geothermal installation

Framingham, Massachusetts is the site of the first gas-utility-run networked geothermal system, ever! Once complete, this network of water-filled pipes, heat pumps and boreholes will provide heating and cooling to a community of over 40 houses, apartments, and commercial buildings,…

Unlocking the clean energy beneath our feet

In Framingham, Massachusetts, two University of California Berkeley scientists, a New Hampshire driller and a climate nonprofit director stare down the same 600 foot borehole. This unlikely crew is gathered on an Eversource Gas worksite, where the gas utility is…

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“We’re Aligned 100% With HEET”

Watch Bill Akley, president of Eversource Energy’s gas business unit, announce the GeoMicroDistrict pilots.

Gushing Natural Gas Leaks

Just 7% of natural gas leaks emit fully half of all the methane emissions from Massachusetts’ aging gas distribution system. Methane is a potent greenhouse gas. Fixing these leaks is critical to reducing our emissions.

Large Volume Leak Study

HEET worked with National Grid, Eversource and Columbia Gas to scientifically prove how to identify the largest gas leaks so they can be fixed.

Common Goals, Uncommon Partners

At an MIT summit, HEET and three gas companies announced a plan to fix the largest gas leaks. The plan includes independent verification, data transparency and annual reassessment.

Maura Healey Thanks HEET

Mass. Attorney General Maura Healey thanks HEET for its work to find a way to reduce methane emissions both in this state and nationally.

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