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Mission: To cut carbon emissions NOW by driving systems change.

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Eversource Gas breaks ground on first networked geothermal installation

Framingham, Massachusetts is the site of the first gas-utility-run networked geothermal system, ever! Once complete, this network of water-filled pipes, heat pumps and boreholes will provide heating and cooling to a community of over 40 houses, apartments, and commercial buildings,…

HEET Co-Executive Director gives a TED Talk—and invites a gas utility president on stage 

A few months ago, HEET Co-Executive Director Zeyneb Magavi was asked to give a TEDxBoston Talk as part of a series on planetary stewardship. She said yes. This November, she stepped in front of a live audience at the Massachusetts Institute…

We’re hiring!

Want to join our team? We’re hiring to fill two new positions: Project Manager and Grants Manager. Read the full descriptions and apply at heet.org/careers.

Meet HEET’s newest team members

Rachel DeFronzo Wheeler, Executive Assistant and Logistics Director Tell us about what you do at HEET.   I’m the Executive Assistance and Logistics Director at HEET. I’m here to help with organizational and administrative support as HEET continues to grow. What…

A conversation with Cary Smith: A founding innovator of networked geothermal

Cary Smith, owner of Sound Geothermal Corporation and a principal with the Grey Edge Group, has designed countless geothermal systems across the country. This fall, Cary visited HEET at Eversource’s worksite in Framingham, Massachusetts, where the first utility-run networked geothermal…

Weatherizing for the winter 

HEET team members worked together with Harvard Kennedy School of Government students to insulate an attic at First Church Nazarene in Central Square. This fall, HEET hosted a work day with the Harvard Kennedy School of Government to insulate an…

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“We’re Aligned 100% With HEET”

Watch Bill Akley, president of Eversource Energy’s gas business unit, announce the GeoMicroDistrict pilots.

Gushing Natural Gas Leaks

Just 7% of natural gas leaks emit fully half of all the methane emissions from Massachusetts’ aging gas distribution system. Methane is a potent greenhouse gas. Fixing these leaks is critical to reducing our emissions.

Large Volume Leak Study

HEET worked with National Grid, Eversource and Columbia Gas to scientifically prove how to identify the largest gas leaks so they can be fixed.

Common Goals, Uncommon Partners

At an MIT summit, HEET and three gas companies announced a plan to fix the largest gas leaks. The plan includes independent verification, data transparency and annual reassessment.

Maura Healey Thanks HEET

Mass. Attorney General Maura Healey thanks HEET for its work to find a way to reduce methane emissions both in this state and nationally.

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