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Mission: To cut carbon emissions NOW by driving systems change.

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Six GeoGrid demos approved for Massachusetts!

As The Boston Globe recently reported, Eversource Gas and National Grid Gas, the two largest utilities in Massachusetts, have both…

Environmental justice communities in Massachusetts have a higher density of gas leaks, according to new research by Salem State University and HEET

In a new peer-reviewed paper, Salem State University Professor Marcos Luna and HEET Director Dominic Nicholas examined over 26,000 gas…

Report on year two of the Shared Action Plan

The Shared Action Plan (SAP) is the unique collaboration between gas utilities, HEET, and our allies to prioritize finding and…

Massachusetts state house allocates $5M of ARPA funds to networked geothermal research 

At the start of 2022, HEET received the exciting news that $5 million of Massachusetts’ American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA)…

Rising costs and the importance of addressing energy burden

This winter, households across the Northeast region are feeling the effects of higher heating costs on their utility bills. These…

Save money on your heating bills with Mass Save’s free insulation programs 

Weatherizing homes cuts carbon emissions while saving money on energy bills. Good news for renters! Good news for landlords! Good…

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“We’re Aligned 100% With HEET”

Watch Bill Akley, president of Eversource Energy’s gas business unit, announce the GeoMicroDistrict pilots.

Gushing Natural Gas Leaks

Just 7% of natural gas leaks emit fully half of all the methane emissions from Massachusetts’ aging gas distribution system. Methane is a potent greenhouse gas. Fixing these leaks is critical to reducing our emissions.

Large Volume Leak Study

HEET worked with National Grid, Eversource and Columbia Gas to scientifically prove how to identify the largest gas leaks so they can be fixed.

Common Goals, Uncommon Partners

At an MIT summit, HEET and three gas companies announced a plan to fix the largest gas leaks. The plan includes independent verification, data transparency and annual reassessment.

Maura Healey Thanks HEET

Mass. Attorney General Maura Healey thanks HEET for its work to find a way to reduce methane emissions both in this state and nationally.

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