Our Impact

In the past 10 years, HEET has:

HEET’s CO2 Savings / Year
Lifetime Metric Tons of CO2 Equivalent

  • Organized over 170 work-parties
  • Replaced over 5,000 inefficient lightbulbs
  • Trained over 3,500 volunteers in hands-on energy-saving skills

HEET has signed up:

  • Over 1,400 Mass Save Energy assessments for homes, nonprofits and businesses
  • Over 450 professional upgrades, such as adding insulation or updating heating systems
  • Over 50 solar installations in homes and on the buildings of nonprofits

HEET has become more effective every year at reducing emissions.

With the shift to addressing the potent greenhouse gas, methane, our emissions reduction impact has reached new levels!

Praise For HEET’s Work Parties

“We really got a lot done and feel motivated to move forward on lots of other projects to tighten up our building and promote energy savings that will allow us to better do our social justice and community building work.”
Community Church of Boston

HEET helped a Tufts University fraternity reduce emissions and energy bills.

“You guys totally RULE!”
Shambhala Meditation Center of Boston

“We are truly blessed by the help and knowledge of HEET”
Western Avenue Baptist Church, Cambridge

“We found our savings were even more extensive than we originally thought.”
Haley House, Dorchester

“We look forward to continuing the relationships and to continuing the work of saving the planet!”
First Church in Cambridge

“We are really excited to move toward a more energy efficient, sustainable future, and with the help of volunteers like you, we’re on our way! 
Community Boating, Boston

“Everything each of us did on Sunday will have lasting impact.”
Transition House, Cambridge

HEET helped the Democracy Center in Cambridge repair its chimney and get insuation added.

“Your expertise and strong effort over the four hours of the event will have a lasting effect on our buildings and on our community!”
Cambridge Zen Center, Cambridge

“The work party generated an amazing sense of momentum: to sign folks up for energy audits, to continue the work here at the church, and to motivate people to do these projects in their own homes.”
—Roxbury Presbyterian Church

“Thank you for leading us step by step through the evaluation, establishing the tasks of the day, organizing materials and work crews and being the force behind getting it done!”
Cambridgeport Baptist Church

“You are truly effecting change in the world.”
Friends Meeting House, Cambridge

HEET connects communities while teaching skills.