Who We Are [old]

At HEET (Home Energy Efficiency Team), our mission is to cut carbon emissions NOW by driving systems change

We use energy that comes from fossil fuel in every aspect of our lives, businesses, and communities. As we take on new efforts to lower emissions, we’re guided by the values below.

  • Integrity  We strive for intellectual honesty and the courage to face facts. We do not accept funds from entities whose core business is counter to our mission. 
  • Practical  We cherish idealism, AND identify solutions we can undertake now. 
  • Nimble  We are flexible, fast moving, and responsive to opportunities. We strive to move forward on the path with the most mission impact.
  • Innovative  Transforming the energy system requires transforming thinking and actions. We challenge ourselves to do better every day through creative communications, new technologies, and redesigned systems.
  • Compassionate  We don’t claim to know all the answers. So we listen hard to better understand, we look for values we share with stakeholders, and we seek solutions that make people’s lives better.
Audrey Schulman
Audrey Schulman, Co-Executive Director and Co-Founder
Zeyneb Magavi
Zeyneb Pervane Magavi, Co-Executive Director
HEET works with many different organizations to catalyze change.

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