GSEP Mapping Process

Each year MA gas utilities are required to submit their Gas System Enhancement Plans (GSEP) to the MA DPU. HEET extracts GSEP location data from these reports and maps them.

The process in overview is as follows:

  • Every October, GSEP data is obtained from MA DPU 
  • The data is reviewed, selected and extracted from the reports using automated and custom designed data parsers for each utility
  • Full GSEP location data is constructed in preparation for geocoding
  • The GSEP location data is geocoded
  • All geocoded addresses are reviewed by the HEET mapping team to catch errors in the original utility GSEP location addresses, as well as any issues with the geocoding addresses that occasionally occur
  • Corrected addresses are geocoded again, and any unresolved issues are manually dealt with to identify the best matching location and GPS coordinates
  • Google KML is generated from the final corrected and geocoded data and used for creating the GSEP Google. The map is reviewed by the HEET mapping team to spot and fix any remaining issues.
  • The final geocoded data is also used to create shareable data files. We share this data under a Creative Commons license. Please contact us directly if you want a copy of the data.

Data Sources

UtilityDPU docket #Docket data source
Berkshire20-GSEP-02Exhibit BGC-JP:TJ-3
Columbia20-GSEP-05Eversource (Columbia) 20-GSEP-05 app A+B
Eversource20-GSEP-06Exhibit_ES-RJB-1_ Appendix A + B
Fitchburg20-GSEP-01Exhibit_Unitil - TBCL - 3_ Attachment_ B
Liberty20-GSEP-04Exh_LU-NJS-NMW-2 Appendix A
National Grid - Boston Gas and Colonial Gas20-GSEP-03Exhibit NG-AS-4, Exhibit NG-AS-8, Exhibit NG-AS-5, Exhibit NG-AS-9