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HEET’s map of utility-reported gas leaks in Dorchester, MA

Massachusetts utilities report every year on the location of the gas leaks in their territory.

HEET maps this data in over 200 Massachusetts towns and cities. Select the map of your town, then zoom in on your home, school, or business to find nearby leaks. These maps make the invisible visible and help inspire local action to reduce gas leaks.


Call If You Smell Gas
The leaks shown in our maps are surveyed by the utilities regularly and considered not likely to explode.

However, if you smell gas: first, leave the area immediately. Then call your gas company to inform them of the leak. Please also call if you notice a change in an existing leak—if the smell is stronger or has moved.

Educate Others
HEET’s website provides an overview of information on gas leaks. By sharing this information and the map of leaks in your municipality with your local officials, you can spread awareness and help get gas leaks addressed in your area. You can also use this information to write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper and educate others.

Connect your municipality with HEET
HEET has been working with municipalities to help them reduce their gas leaks. We’ve found a variety of inexpensive methods that cities and towns can use to work with utilities to reduce gas leaks. These methods will help reduce the associated costs of frequent repaving, damaged trees, and danger to residents and first responders.

Many best practices can be found at FixOurPipes.org, a collaboration between HEET and Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC). Sharing this report is a good first step as well as a helpful resource to use with local officials and gas company representatives.

Donate to HEET
We provide the maps for free to all. Donating to HEET will allow us to update the maps annually and continue to educate people about the issue.

See our Recognition and Press page for gas leaks news.