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HEET runs Utility-Scale Geothermal Charrette in MIT’s January Session

There was a lot of ENERGY in the room during the four Utility-Scale Geothermal sessions in MIT’s January IAP (Independent Activities Period). Participants included people from MIT, Grey Edge, Eversource, National Grid, ERDA Energy, NEGPA, NYGEO, University of New Hampshire, many state regulatory agencies, and the Cities of Boston and Cambridge. Together they took on…

WBUR Highlights HEET Influence

WBUR reporter Bruce Gellerman explains how HEET promoted interconnecting wells to build GeoMicroDistricts that can replace gas infrastructure. How A Climate Change Nonprofit Got Eversource Thinking About A Geothermal Future tells the story of HEET’s work to build a relationship with the utilities, with the successful result of three geothermal pilots in the works.

Legislation for a Gas-Free FUTURE

After the Merrimack Valley gas disaster, HEET spearheaded ideas for omnibus gas legislation, then worked with Gas Leaks Allies and 51 cosponsors to rethink how gas companies deliver heat to customers in Massachusetts. Our state’s requirement to reduce emissions 80% by 2050 means that our gas companies, with all of their workers, have no long-term…