Back to Basics: Home Energy Saving Tips

With energy prices rising this winter, we took a look back through The Honest Book—a how-to manual of home energy savings tips that HEET wrote in 2012—for some inspiration. We pulled out two easy tips that can help you cut emissions, save on your energy bill and improve air quality in your home:

1. Lower the temperature on your water heater

Often, water heaters are set to heat water to a temperature you won’t actually use. At its hottest, the temperature of water delivered throughout your home should be no more than 120° Fahrenheit. If it’s hotter than that, you’re likely wasting heat, wearing down your water heater with increased mineral buildup and there’s the chance someone could scald themselves when they turn on the faucet.

Check out the Section 26 of The Honest Book for detailed steps on adjusting your water heater’s temperature.

2. Change the filter on your furnace

Furnace filters clean the air of dust, dirt, pollen, pet hair and mites. If you have a forced hot air system, changing filters occasionally will help your heating and cooling system last longer, keep your home’s air cleaner, and allow your furnace’s blower to run more efficiently, saving both energy and money.

If you haven’t changed your furnace filter recently, check Section 24 of The Honest Book to learn how.

The full-length Honest Book is also available for purchase.