Our Table Holiday Deliveries

Our Table, a program distributing groceries to families in Lawrence, delivered food, games, and books to over 70 families this holiday season. We are delighted to announce that Our Table is now funded through March, thanks to both a $10,000 grant from the Random Acts Foundation and many generous donors.

Our Table grew out of a partnership between HEET and allies in the town of Lawrence. After the Merrimack Valley gas explosion in 2018, HEET helped to coordinate the distribution of 700 donated induction cooktops to homes without gas. When the pandemic started, Lawrence community leader Ana Javier described the dire circumstances faced by many families to Co-Executive Director Zeyneb Magavi and they imagined what might be done.

HEET Board President Ania Camargo made it happen, and together with Javier, the HEET board and team formed Our Table to provide weekly food deliveries to families in Lawrence hit particularly hard in this pandemic. A hungry family is as much a barrier to that just transition we wish to build together as a lack of insulation. It’s all part of a system that needs to be transformed.

HEET is honored to be of service to our Allies in this challenging year. If you’d like to donate with time or funding to help keep Our Table going, please contact Ania Camargo