Press Release: Help for Energy Hogs Program Launches

Bringing attractive energy efficiency solutions and savings to nonprofits

The cities of Boston, Cambridge, Quincy, and Salem in collaboration with National Grid and the award-winning nonprofit HEET, have launched the Help for Energy Hogs program to assist nonprofit organizations –such as preschools and community centers– lower their energy bills and fossil fuel use through upgrading outdated building equipment such as boilers.

The partnership will offer local organizations a unique opportunity to get major energy efficiency work completed at no up-front cost. The work will be funded through an energy efficiency developer, RENEW Energy Partners. On completion of construction, a participating nonprofit organization uses the cost savings associated with reduced energy or water consumption to make regular payments over a set period of time, usually 6 to 10 years, and will see an immediate reduction in operating costs.  

HEET selected RENEW Energy Partners as the participating energy efficiency developer through a competitive review process. RENEW will pay for the upgrades, as well as own, insure and maintain any measures that they install.

To qualify, a project should  include at least $35,000 worth of efficiency upgrades such as a new heating system, an oil-to-gas conversion, heating systems controls, combined heat and power systems, building insulation, lighting, water or other conservation measures.

To participate, nonprofits in the communities of Boston, Cambridge, Quincy and Salem need to own and occupy the building. At a minimum, organizations should have an annual energy bills (heating + electricity) totaling over $15,000 and a high energy-use per square foot. Organizations will also need to demonstrate financial stability, be willing to participate in WegoWise (an online energy monitoring site that is free through the program) and help to get that word out to local small businesses –such as convenience store and laundromats– about rebates and free energy-efficiency services available to them through the state.

Audrey Schulman, President of HEET, shared that, “The goal of Help for Hogs is to help the whole community become more environmentally sustainable and economically vibrant. Fossil fuel use is reduced; nonprofits save money so they can deliver more community services, and small businesses benefit through lower energy bills.”


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HEET: An award-winning community-based nonprofit.  Since 2008, HEET aims to support organizations and individuals in their efforts to create more sustainable communities through investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy.

RENEW:  is an energy efficiency and on-site clean energy development and finance company with headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts. Renew Energy Partners was selected for participation using a competitive process and evaluated by an Advisory Panel.

BOSTON IMPACT INITIATIVE: The Boston Impact Initiative is an impact investing fund that partners with businesses and organizations throughout our city to create systemic shifts in opportunities for urban communities. We are committed to creating a better future for those communities who have been impacted by racial, social and economic inequality.  Boston Impact Initiative is providing the funding through RENEW to make the energy improvements made to nonprofits’ buildings.