CALC Engages Business Community

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HEET worked together with the Massachusetts-wide Climate Action Liaison Coalition to drive outreach and engage businesses in participation for the Race to Solar program. Heading door-to-door, our canvass teams worked together to educate businesses on the benefits of the program, The main selling point, reducing overhead costs by improving the energy efficiency of the business, led to a high interest in the free energy audits the program provides. As a small business association, CALC enables small businesses to take targeted action on climate change.

Our story began after Hurricane Sandy struck New England in 2012, where CALC founder Susan Labandibar realized how drastically unprepared her business was for climate change, and how vulnerable she was, like many Americans on the East coast, to the impacts of a rapidly changing climate. Seeing the aftermath of the storm, Susan realized her role as a small business owner in the fight against climate change. Her business, Tech Networks of Boston became the first member-business of the Climate Action Liaison Coalition.CALC provides the resources and tools necessary to support a Climate Action Liaison (CAL).

CALs work to increase their business’ internal sustainability, advocate for sustainable policy, and engage the public through community events meant to educate on the policy around and effects of climate change. Our policy framework includes promoting renewable energy, opposing new fossil fuel infrastructure, putting a price on carbon and preparing our communities for anticipated climate impacts. CALC welcomes all independent businesses looking to be effective policy advocates and offers resources to this collective effort.