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If snow melts off your roof unevenly like in this photo –or God for bid your roof never has any snow on it at all– you  have problems in your attic.

The snowmelt means your roof is kept warm from the heat loss from your home. The result is you are generously donating more money than necessary to the fossil fuel companies.

Ice dams

Ice dams are another sign of problems in your attic. Ice dams tend to occur because the snow melts off your warm roof and then re-freezes once it hits your chilly gutters, creating long icicles.

Don’t endure it, fix it.

Get your attic air sealed and insulated.

Air sealing and insulating your attic properly or two of the most effective actions you can take to keep your home more comfortable in the winter lowering your heating bill and your impact on the planet. As a side benefit, this work will also keep you cooler in the summer

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